HzGadgets Acquired Legalaxie.net

hzgadgets acquired legalaxie.net
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Last Updated on September 4, 2021 by Mesbah Sakib

Hzgadgets.com has recently acquired legalaxie.net, an entity endorsed and maintained by the Irish band Le Galaxie. After the acquisition, the web property will be used by Hzgadgets to solve problems, make better purchases, and make lives easier for music/audio enthusiasts. 

About Le Galaxie: The Irish Band Behind Legalaxie.net 

The Irish band Le Galaxie was formed in 2008, by four musicians David McGloughlin, Anthony Hyland, Michael Pope, and Alastar Hyggins. All of them are former members of the alternative rock band 66e

The newest member Maykay, formerly of the band Fight Like Apes, joined later in August 2017. Later, David McGloughlin left the band in July of 2019.

The band members parted ways in mid-December, 2019. The disbanding announcement was made through a low-key tweet, along with a clip of a 2012 performance.

Hzgadgets: Where Music Meets Business

Hzgadget started from the passion of changing perception about music. The website helps solve any kind of problems related to music such as speakers or record players not working etc. From advice on music tech to suggestions on technological fixes, from audiophiles appreciating music to musicians exploring their talents- the side aids anything for everyone. 

Hzgadgets do this impossible task by using their research skills and knowledge, as well as consultation from in-house experienced personnel. They craft each piece carefully, to fit the specific needs of a target group/audience. They often take paid consultation from professionals and experts, as well as use affiliate programs to finance this project. 

Hzgadgets Acquired Legalaxie.net – What’s Next?

As of now, Hzgadgets has the rights to all the digital properties and rights under the web property, as well as the site. Hzgadgets aims to continue producing premium content on the website with the help of (music) industry professionals. The content quality and regularity are expected to only go higher. 

The team behind this project aims to help both the types of music enthusiasts- 

  • the creative ones looking to enhance and expand their skills, and 
  • audiophiles looking to better their experiences. 

For example, the contents of the site range from troubleshooting musician gadgets to debunking common audiophile myths. 

The idea and the progress so far have been astounding and promising- opening up a new reliable space for many. Hopefully, (and, quite predictably, we might add) we will soon be seeing better and more helpful content. 

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